Friday, December 02, 2005

Geocaching at Work

Today, I discovered that there was a geocache in the field immediately north of the building I work in. Most smokers in our company take 15 minute smoke breaks, so I figured I was entitled to a 15 minute geocache break ! I have been talking about my recent adventures in geocaching at work and knew that there were a few coworkers that might be interest. I ended up telling three coworkers to meet at my office at 3:30PM for an intra-office team building exercise. When they arrived, I told them that I was going to take them on their first geocache hunt. Their immediate responses were of concern that they might get in trouble for being away from work. I asked them if they had 15 minutes and they all said "yes". I told them that it would be no problem then. I had already entered the coordinates into my GPSr and had printed the cache page. The cache was "+". It was exactly .1 of a mile from our front door. We all donned our coats and headed out. When we were about 20 foot from the cache, I declared that the cache was in the small group of trees directly in front of us. One of my coworkers immediately walked to an out of place log and lifted it up. Sure enough, the cache was hidden below the log. We pulled the log out and signed it and traded a work related item (lanyard) for a small geode that had been left in the cache. We walked back to work and I trully think I have accomplished converting two of my coworkers into geocachers. In fact, when one of them found out I was going out tomorrow, he asked to come along for the hunt. I wish I would have had my camera with me, but no such luck. We had a blast and found a neat cache in the process. Even better, we were only gone 15 minutes and no one missed any of us. Of course, one of them was my boss so I was at little risk anyways : )

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