Thursday, December 22, 2005

Home for the Holiday

Due to unexpected circumstances, my trip to be home with my family got cancelled. Well...not exactly cancelled, but moved a week. I'll get to celebrate Christmas over the New Year's weekend. I guess on the plus side, I will get to place my first cache this weekend. I finally got it painted, loaded and ready to go. I've already got the general location of where I want to place the cache. I got a little nervous tonight when I looked at my weekly notification from because a local cacher had placed several new caches here in Jenks. I'm goingto have to get a move on or I will lose my location ! The good news is that it will be a nice weekend for late December. It is supposed to get up in the 60's. Should be nice weather for caching !


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try geocaching but I can't even afford GPS. Luck you.

Anonymous said...

Wow I do not understand why that didnt link my profile. How odd.

Anonymous said...

It did now lol. Merry XMAS and good luck geocaching.