Friday, December 16, 2005

Caching Through the Snow...

Okay, it's not exactly snowing yet, but I hear it's gonna ! There are snow advisories and winter weather advisories just to the west of us here in Tulsa. The forecast for the next few days calls for cold weather and snow with possibly some ice on Sunday. Is that going to stop me from caching this weekend? Of course not ! Although, I'm sure it will slow me down a bit.

Actually, my main focus this weekend will be getting my first cache put together. I bought a 50 cal. ammo box and I've found a great place to hide it. There are no caches in the vicinity, so I hope it gets approved quickly. I've even come up with a really cool FTF prize. (FTF stands for First to Find.) Who ever finds the cache first gets to keep the FTF prize. Now I just gotta figure out what else to put in the cache. I have some cool books and CDs I want to include(the 50 cal. box is pretty big), but I want to find some stuff that would be neat for kids to find, as well. Plus, the box needs a good camo paint job and proper markings.

Other than that, I haven't got to do much caching this week. I haven't felt great and work has been very time consuming this week. I must be addicted as I can't wait to log a few caches !!

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Pusher said...

I know little about hunting. Always wanted to shoot when I was growing up but parents would not allow it, maybe some day.