Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Other Job is a Cache

After a very stressful day at work, it is nice to be home with the wife and two dogs to do a little work on my first cache. I've got all the stuff (geocachers call it swag) that I am going to place in the cache and I'm just putting the final touches on the paint job. I think everyone will really enjoy the cache as I have some cool stuff to place in it. I've taken kids and adults into mind when gathering the items for the cache. The larger 50 cal ammo box is really nice in that you can place some larger items in the box such as DVDs and books. To top it off, I have a great FTF (first to find) prize for the cache. It should be a nice cache for geocachers to find. I've really put a lot of thought and work into it.

Putting a cache together is probably the easist aspect of placing a cache. The hard part is finding a place to put the cache one you put it together. Fortunately for me, I have already scouted out a great location for my cache. To be honest, I was quite suprised to find that there were no caches in the location I want to place mine. It is a great location with a creek running through it. There are many places along the creek to hide a cache. For some reason, no one has placed a cache there. I guess it is just good luck on my part as it is only about a half a mile from my house. It should make keeping the cache up a breeze!

I guess I will place the cache after the holidays. I am off to Texas to spend Christmas with my family in a couple of days but will be back early next week. Hopefully, I can get the cache out New Year's weekend.

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