Saturday, December 17, 2005

Caching Errands

So I had some errands to run today, but I wanted to get some caching in while I was at it. Some of my errands were caching related anyway. I headed out about 10:30 this morning on a planned route that would take care of my errands and place me close to several caches along the way. The first thing I had to do was drop some bills in the mail (no fun) and then it was off to Southern Agriculture to pick up some diet dog food. Yes, I'm the proud owner of an over-weigt Dachshund who is prone to pancreatitis ! Trust me, we are working on the "over-weight" issue and it ain't easy. It is very difficult to turn down a dog with those big, sad eyes. We learned very quickly to say "no" after her first attack, though. After that mission was accomplished, I headed towards "Feed the Fowl". It was a micro cache located in a water retention area. The location was very nice as it hold quite a bit of water, has a fountain in the pond, and has a walking track around the park area. The cache holds to it's name in that there were hundreds of water fowl around. I saw gulls, several variety of ducks, and geese. I took several photos of the birds before I started looking for the cache. I searched for about 20 minutes before I finally gave up. The cache is probably still there but I just was not seeing it. I'll give it a shot another time when I have some fresh ideas on where to look.

Next, I headed for "Head Banging Rock Climber". After parking, I had a pretty good notion as to where this cache would be located. I made a short GPS guided hike to the general location. I knew right away that this one would be a challange. Stoneposse should have named this on "Head Banging Ankle Breaking Knee Trashing Rock Climber". After working my way over and through the boulders, I was able to easily locate this cache. The problem with this cache is not finding it, the problem is getting to it ! Inspite of the warning presented by the name of the cache, I still banged my head. I was glad I had a ball cap on or it might have been even more painful. I was spotted my a muggle atfter reaching the cache. He must have thought I was crazy climbing over the boulders. I don't think he had any clue what I was doing, though. I signed the log and took a photo of the Arkansas River while I was there.

The next cache was very close so I jumped back into my pickup and drove across the road to search for "Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water". This one was an easy park and grab cache with only a short walk to locate. It was a Micro as well so it only contained a log. I quickly signed the log and walked back to my truck.

My next stop was the Family Dollar Store. I wanted to shop for some items to place in my first cache. A few days ago, I picked up a 50 cal. ammo can so I have lots of space for items in my cache. Usually when I go to Family Dollar, I am looking for a specific item so I don't spend much time shopping around. I was amazed at some of the bargins to be had. They had DVDs for $1...whoda thunk it ? I ended up buying several DVDs, some nice 75 cent Hotwheels, and a few other various items that I thought would fit nicely in my cache. Oh, I had to get a log book, as well. Gotta have something for cachers to sign ! After finishing up there, I was off to find my final cache of the day.

"Best Choice" is located in a secluded park north of Glenpool. It is a pretty little park that is easy to access. The terrain is listed as 3 stars and I can see why. It isn't bad this time of the year when the creek is dry and most of the undergrowth is dead. I would hate to try this one in the late spring or summer ! I definitely got my exercise on this one. After parking the truck, I crossedthe dry stream bed and trekked into the woods. I still had some difficulty with the undergrowth. After untangling myself a couple of times, I spotted the cache sitting at the base of a tree. I opened the ammo can and the cache was in great shape. The original log book was full so someone had placed a new log book in the cache. I didn't see anything in the cache that I wanted, so I just signed the log book and left a Nascar Hotwheel.

That pretty much wrapped up my day ! Had a lot of fun and took care of my errands all at once. Logged 39 miles in 1 hour and 28 minutes.

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