Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday Caching with the Boss

My boss has developed an interest in geocaching so I offered to take him caching with me today. You can't blame him as I have been talking about it at work quite a bit. Before I picked him up, I had to run to a cache in Sapulpa to rescue a travel bug. The owner of the cache is moving and the cache can't remain since he is selling the property on which the cache resides. I was fortunate to get to meet the cache owner while recovering the bug. He was very hospitable and I enjoyed getting to visit with him for about 30 minutes discussing geocaching and GPSrs. After picking up "Cliff Bug", I head over to pick up my boss. He has not used a GPSr in the past, so this was an introduction to geocaching and GPSr use at the same time. I drove and he navigated.

After picking him up, I showed him how to enter the coordinates for our first cache, "Haikey Creek Cache", into the GPSr. We drove to the general location and found a parking spot. After a short trek to a wooded area, we began the search for the cache. It took us about 10 minutes and a short hike, but we located the cache. The cache was in great condition. We took nothing but signed the log and left a scratch-off lotto ticket.

Next we entered the coordinates for "The End???" It was a short drive from the first cache and you could drive right up to the cache. The cache had a great hint and we knew where to look before we even got out of my pick-up. After grabbing the cache, we signed the log and placed it back in it's original location.

Once we finished up there, we headed over to a mexican food resturant that I had not been to yet. We enjoyed a very nice, relaxing lunch before heading to the next cache.

We entered the coordinates for the next cache called "Lunchtime Cache #9". Seemed like a good cache considering we just ate lunch ! This was another park and grab type cache. It took us a few minutes to locate this one. I think maybe the coordinates are a hair off as my previous caches were dead on with my GPS. Once we located the cache, we signed the log and examined some near by rocks that were packed with crinoid stems and various other fossilized sea creatures. To me, it was the find of the day since I love rocks and fossils !

My boss had to head home at this point so I dropped him off and headed towards the house myself to get ready for my employers party tonight. On the way, I thought I would hit one last cache close to the house that I have missed a couple of times due to muggles in the area. The spot was muggle free and I was able to find this micro cache called "Something Smells Fishy". It was an easy grab and a nice end to the hunt today. Timing was good as a cold front blew in and it was getting a bit cold and windy. We logged 40.6 miles in one hour and 23 minutes.

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jestjuggle said...

Sounds like another great day of caching. Another great blog post too.

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