Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mike and I had to go into work today. We have our national auditors coming in next week and an important computer upgrade this weekend. We worked about 2 hours today and were able to get out and cache for a while.

My intent was to see how my Blackberry worked out in the field compared to my Palm TX. Unfortunately, I think my Palm TX was the clear winner when it comes to caching! Although I felt the Blackberry did okay, the Palm definitely had a leg up because the Palm TX shows pictures and maps where the Blackberry is text only when it comes to caches.

Edit- Sorry about all the typos! Also, I should add that I was on the WAP site for so pictures will not show up. If I go to the full site with the Blackberry, the photos do show but the pages are hard to navigate. I am still looking at options to make the best of caching on the Blackberry. If I do stick with a Palm, I will probably sell the TX and get an older, lower end Palm. I don't need all the features of the TX just for caching.


Anonymous said...

I find the same problem between my BlackBerry and my pda (Dell Axim). I don't want to carry my pda around with me if I'm already carrying a BlackBerry, but the pda is much easier to use, with maps, the web, navigation, etc. Maybe we should try Treo. I hear they do it all.

Glad to hear the audit went well!

Unknown said...

I'd love to give the Treo a try. Unfortunately, Blackberry is the only approved device on our system at work. Maybe some day, though.