Sunday, May 07, 2006

We need rain but.....

I'm ready for a break !!! I was in St. Louis all week on a work related trip. It was a great trip for many reasons. I loved the drive up and back. There was a lot of beautiful scenery. We always have the option of flying on trips of this length but if we are going somewhere I have not been before, I really prefer driving if it is a less than 8 hour drive. St. Louis was only about 6 hours for us. Not only do you get to see new sights, but you have a vehicle for exploring and caching. The bad news is that I was about an hour into the trip when I realized that I had forgot my GPS! Bummer...after all that work getting my caches for St. Louis and the trip there downloaded to my GPS, I left it in my truck.

I still had the hope that I could cache this weekend, but alas, it has rained all weekend. It actually flooded while I was gone. The worst news of all was that a levee broke near the Bass Pro shop and apparently the place sustained some damage. I will have to drop by and place flowers near the building tomorrow. Surely, my fellow hunters, fishermen, and outdoors types have set up a shine of mourning.


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip to St Louis...bummer that you forgot the GPS though.

Which Bass Pro had the water damage? I have only been to the one in Springfield, MO and loved it. I could spend days and thousand$ in that store :-) I have not been there in too long....tiem for a road trip and I must plan it to include soem geocaching on the drive up to Springfield and back.

Happy caching,

Unknown said...

Yeah, I had two people with me and I must have been distracted as I never go anywhere without my GPS!

It was the new one just east of Tulsa that opened in January. I am the same way...I could spend a ton of money and time in that place. We just need a Cabela's now :)

Anonymous said...

Awww too bad you forgot your gps. I'm going to Fresno for business at the end of the month and I'll have mine for sure (uh.. I hope) :)