Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My first day geocashing 11/23/2005

Well, I decided to "officially" start geocashing today. My first find was "Bipolar". I had gone to lunch with my boss and had some BBQ. After we finished up, I hit the cache that was located in the parking lot where we ate. Unfortunately, there was a police car parked right on top of where I thought the cache would be located. No problem, I just returned after work. It was an eash find for a micro cache. I signed the log and returned it to it's hiding spot.

On the way home, I hit a virtual cache by the name of "Oklahoma Lighthouse #3". I've driven by this a thousand times and never stopped to take a close up look at it. It was nice to see the detail on the lighthouse.

My last stop for the evening was "Train Trex #9". It is a couple of train passenger cars located in Jenk, OK of the main road. Again, they are something that I have driven by many times without taking the time to stop and look. They had beautiful paintings on the windows of the cars that I had never seen from the road. I took a photo of the paintings.

Had a blast for my first day and found all the caches I was looking for so I'm happy.

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