Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weather Part II...

I'm glad I did as I said in my last post and kept my camera handy today. The meteorologist were correct in forecasting severe weather for today. We had some active weather in the area but nothing appeared to be an imminent threat. I walked by our front door an peeked outside and it was plain scary looking. I grabbed to camera and went out. The sky had a greenish tint and the clouds were quite ominous! When I walked around the end of the house to look across the field behind us, I was worried that i was seeing a wall cloud.


It wasn't a wall cloud, but the perspective made it look very threatening. Still the clouds were pretty amazing this evening.


Fortunately, we got away with just rain, hail and winds.


Josh said...

Wow, that looks like the sky back in Illinois when I was growing up. We don't see that very often here in California, good thing you had the camera to capture it. Consider it proof that we can get nasty weather too.

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Lisa Emrich said...

Wow, these weather pictures are great. In a strange way, I actually kinda miss spring time in Oklahoma. The weather is so much more intense than here in Virginia. And yes, that does look like a wall forming...I hope someone in the area has a storm shelter (seeing the trailers in the photo) or at least an interior bathroom to stay safe from the tornados. Thanks for posting these.

Unknown said...

Not sure who lives in those trailers. I know the guy that owns the land lets people store motor homes and travel trailers on occasion. I would not want to get caught in a trailer in a tornado, though! We have one of those "safe rooms" but I'd prefer a basement.